Reviews of Kelly Colangelo

Kelly tirelessly serves
"Kelly tirelessly serves to bring youth closer in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Just follow her on social media, you will see the good work that she is doing!"
– Bishop Gregory L. Parkes, Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee

Faithful, sincere, engaging, and joyful
"Kelly Colangelo is faithful, sincere, engaging, and joyful in her presentations. In her own way she brings the joy of the gospel to all who listen to her."
– Bishop Robert Cunningham, Diocese of Syracuse

Incredible gift to the Catholic Church
"Kelly is an incredible gift to the Catholic Church. Her love for Christ and passion for the Church are a breath of fresh air and is demonstrated in her faithfulness to the youth. I am thankful for the witness and impact she is having in ministry, both in NY and elsewhere!"
– Chris Padgett, National Catholic Speaker and Musician

From Event Organizers:

She is an awesome speaker and teens love her!
"Kelly is the reason I decided to become a youth minister myself. The joy of Christ burns inside her and she shares it with everyone she comes into contact with! She is an awesome speaker and teens love her! Truly inspiring! Book Kelly for your next event TODAY and let her 'wreck your house' - you will not be sorry!!!"
– Rick Hensel, Youth Minister, St. Anthony Parish, Utica, NY

I would greatly recommend Kelly for your next youth event
"Kelly presents her faith and spirit to both youth and adults with her exuberant personality and sense of caring for those she is interacting with. Our young people connected to what she presented and want to know when she's coming back!

I would greatly recommend Kelly for your next youth event and for adults to hear her message of hope that she shares with everyone she comes in contact with."
– David Stagliano, Associate Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry ​Diocese of Albany, NY

Kelly Colangelo is a dynamic, generous leader
"Kelly Colangelo is a dynamic, generous leader of Catholic youth who has the ability both to attract and challenge them out of their comfort zones. She introduces them to Christ and shows them the greatness of developing this relationship. She helps the youth to lay invaluable faith foundations upon which they can build bright, Catholic futures."
– Br. Daniel Rolczynski, LC

Kelly is a gift from God
"I had the honor and priveledge to witness and hear Kelly speak first hand. I was in awe at how well every teen in the audience was entranced with her, and listening intently on every word that she spoke. She has a natural God given talent to be able to reach and communicate with today's youth. Her messages are clear, entertaining, and meaningful. Her faith is unquestionable, and she brings that love of the faith into her messages.

Kelly is a gift from God that I wish every youth in America could witness first hand, so that they may learn and grow from her messages. I know that those fortunate enough to have had an opportunity to hear her messages have been touched by Kelly are better for it."
– Brian Duchesne, Admissions Counselor, College of Saint Mary Magdalen, NH

Kelly makes reaching teens easy and fun
"Your presentation was the best Youth Ministry teaching of all the visiting speakers we've had over the past seven years. We especially appreciated that you have us ideas, games, philosophy, icebreakers that we could use immediately with our youth groups. You kept it fun and interactive. We would love to have you come again…"
– Margaret McHugh, Diocesan Director of Youth Ministry, Diocese of New Ulm, MN

She relates to teens because she speaks their language
"What I like about having Kelly Colangelo speak is that I know she speaks from the heart of the Church. At 26, Kelly’s youth brings an intimate understanding of the ideas and pitfalls of the culture. I am always amazed at how easily she relates to teens because she speaks their language embedding cultural references and analogies in her talks. She has a dynamic ability to express the truths of our faith in ways that engage, inspire and challenge her young listeners. Her passion and enthusiasm can’t be ignored!"
– Valerie Elacqua, Youth Minister, Holy Trinity Parish, Utica NY

For youth, Kelly is your girl
"Kelly is an amazing speaker and engages the youth in many opportunities to deepen their faith and relationship to God… For youth, Kelly is your girl."
– Fr. Felix Colisimo, Pastor, Our Lady of the Rosary, New Hartford, NY

Her love for the Church and youth is evident
"Kelly is a gifted and faith filled Catholic woman with many talents to offer the Church, especially to youth… Kelly’s love for the Church and for youth is evident in her ability to speak to teens and adults in witness to the faith. Her well prepared and appealing presentations have been an inspiration to many…"
– Sr. Marla Marie MSCL, Reverend Mother, Boston MA

She will explode with amazing results
"Kelly is truly a bundle of energy serving others. I implore you to capitalize on that material, as she will explode with amazing results."
– Sr. Mylene Rosemarie PVMI, Youth Minister, Philippians

Teens respond because they get it
"Kelly brings the Gospel message to life in a way that teens can relate to. Instead of fighting against culture, she uses it to make things real and understandable. Teens respond because they get it."
- Mary Hallman, Director of Faith Formation, St. Ann/St. Charles Borromeo Parishes, Syracuse, NY

Full of life, fun and depth
"Kelly Colangelo’s presentation of faith topics is full of dynamism, a youthfulness that engages, and a faith that challenges. On retreat and with youth groups, the way that Kelly presents these issues and concepts is full of life, fun, and depth.  It is a pleasure to work with Kelly. I am humbled by her faith and her willingness to share it."
– Kathy Poupart, Development Director, St. Joseph Nursing Home, Utica, NY

Knows the hearts of youth
"Kelly has a love for Christ and a passion to share it with others. Not only is she a talented youth minister, who knows the hearts of youth, she is an effective speaker capable of communicating this love to them as well."
-Bob Walters, Diocesan Director of Youth & Young Ministry, Syracuse, NY

From Teens:

"You made me think about Everything that has been going on in my life… and where God is and where He can be. I hope in the future I can follow your example and not be afraid to show others my faith. You were awesome!"

 "The retreat was great, I learned a lot about how Jesus can be involved in my life, all the while having fun. I think it was worthwhile experience that I’d recommend to any upcoming confirmation candidate."

 "Your talk was really inspirational"

 "I just wanted to say thank you very much for coming to our parish tonight and speaking to us. You taught me that standing up for what is right, even when it is not popular, is something to be proud of."

"You really understand what it’s like to be a teenager."

"Awesome. Hope you will come back again."