Books I Recommend:

Consoling the Heart of Jesus
Check out this book! A Do-It-Yourself Retreat Inspired by the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.
A flexible retreat for Lent or anytime … alone or with a group …over a weekend or as long as you need.

The Bible
The Best Read!

Lessons from the School of Suffering: Young Priest With Cancer Teaches Us How to Live
Suffering is no guarantee of holiness. Many times it can be an invaluable teacher; other times it can crush a person into self-pity. But the lessons to be learned from suffering are many and, if we learn these lessons well, they can transform our lives, according to a young priest suffering from renal cancer. Father Jim Willig shares his story of being diagnosed in his late 40’s with terminal renal cancer and the consequences of living with cancer and undergoing various treatments, none of which have stemmed the disease. Willig, a beloved pastor and inspiring preacher, felt called to share the lessons he has learned from the great pain associated with having cancer.

The Better Part
If ever you’ve struggled in your prayer life and have wished you had someone to teach you how to pray well, the entire first section of this book is an accessible, practical guide for how to pray. St. Teresa of Avila said that a person who does not do at least 15 minutes of mental prayer a day is destined to remain a spiritual midget. With its step-by-step practical guidance, this book will help you to avoid such an awful fate.